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The Pros and Cons of Starting an Illustration Blog

So, how better to start my new blog than with a bit of advice for anyone out there who's thinking of starting one themselves?

My blogging heyday was back in 2012 when Tumblr was the thing - before they had introduced all of their new privacy and data laws. There was some weird stuff on there. My account was mostly just filled with re-posts of other people's illustrations, mixed in with a few starkly photographed versions my own early work. Social media and blogging culture has however, changed a bunch since then. So, when thinking of starting up a feed again, I had to think pretty long and hard about 1. Why I should bother, when the market for creative content is already so saturated? And 2. If I were going to go ahead, what can I write about - which will be interesting enough for anyone to want to read it?

I'm still not sure that I have a firm answer to either of the above questions, but here is the list of pros and cons which helped me to make a decision and click the 'publish' button on this first blog post... And here's to hoping that my future posts turn out to be useful in some way to somebody, somewhere.


- It's super time consuming; planning, writing and making content for consistent posts.

- There's a lot of pressure to update frequently.

- And pressure to create good quality content.

- "Writing is not my area of expertise, it's difficult."

- All mistakes are archived.

- There's heaps of competition.

- Nobody might read it.

- Exposure to trolls.


- It's a new creative outlet for writing and list-making.

- You can upload more illustrations than ever before!

- You can use it as a way to connect with existing audiences.

- You can also reach new audiences - HEY NEW AUDIENCES!

- It's a platform for behind-the-scenes stuff.

- You can use it to demonstrate processes and techniques that might help other people.

- You can offer guidance for other illustrators and artists who are in the very early stages of their careers.

- You can answer FAQs.

- You can promote collaborations, inspirations and affiliate communities.

- You can offer useful tips on practical illustration jobs (murals, window painting, digital design).

- And can share experiences working with clients (including invoicing, contracts, deadlines, fees etc).

The pros seemed to outweigh the cons for me, so here's my blog-baby, online and living. Maybe this post will give you that kick to start your own feed? Or not. Whichever the case, I hope it's the right decision for you.

TOP TIPS 4 GOOD BLOG (Or so I have read...)

- Streamlined, easy to navigate design.

- Interesting, focused content.

- Use high-quality images.

- Engage with your audiences.

- Use #hashtags to appear in searches.

- Don't be a troll.

Check back soon for more useful lists and posts about some of the interesting things I am learning as I'm starting out my career as an illustrator. For more info, you can check out portfolio.bobbirae.co.uk - shop at bobbirae.co.uk - or stay in touch on social media using the links below:



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