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TAKING UP SPACE is a mixed-media, interdisciplinary project - culminating in a multi-sensory, eye-tickling exhibition created by designer, illustrator and MA Graduate - Bobbi Rae. TAKING UP SPACE is co-curated and co-produced with Ellie Andrews and facilitated by The Gallery at Cafe 164 in Leeds. Featuring an evening of discussions from a panel of female professionals working in the creative industries, plus a series of FREE creative workshops which are available online. The TAKING UP SPACE project aims to empower women by teaching practical skills as well as providing a platform to talk about - and to promote - ways in which women are working together to counter the disproportionate representation of their male peers in our work spaces.

You can find out more and support the project via crowdfunder here.

Click the links below to view the FREE, online workshops:

Zine-making with Bobbi Rae

Design & Upscaling with Emma Hardaker

Air-dry Ceramics with Smudge Pot Studio

... or click here, if you would like to provide your feedback.

You can submit your makes by email to to be featured on the TAKING UP SPACE Online Gallery.

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